Custom eJuice


Rice Crunchies

This sweet toasted rice cereal flavour is just like the real thing!  Recommended concentration 10%

Captain Cereal

This is the "plain" alternative to Berry Crunch.  Recommended concentration 12-15%

Fruit Circles With Milk

Similar to Fruit Circles, but has a fuller taste with milky notes!  Recommended concentration 1-2%

Lucky Leprechaun Cereal

A marshmallow cereal flavour much like the popular children's cereal.  Recommended concentration 10%

Silly Rabbit Cereal

Not just for kids! A candylike fruity cereal flavour.  Recommended concentration 9-11%

Berry Crunch

Stays crunchy, even in milk! A delicious sugary crunch cereal flavour.  Recommended concentration 12-15%

Honey Circles Cereal

The delicious honey cereal that keeps your heart healthy!  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Fruit Circles

Tastes similar to "O" shaped fruit cereal with a slight fresh lemon note.  Recommended concentration 1-2%

Cocoa Rounds

Tastes just like the puffy chocolate cereal! A delicious, nostalgic flavour.  Recommended concentration 10%