Custom eJuice


Sweet Tea

Like a refreshing glass of ice cold sweet tea on a hot summer day!  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Mexican Coffee

Hints of Cinnamon and cream, this very spicy, slightly sweet coffee flavour is a great new unique flavour.  Recommended concentration 1-2%

Black Tea

This is a strong plain black tea flavour.  Don't get thrown off by the very strong aroma!  Recommended concentration 2.5-12%


This is a rather unique espresso flavour which is really nice on it's own, but is also a great enhancer of tobacco flavours.  Recommended concentration 0.5-3%

Chai Tea

This is a very nice chai (Indian spiced) tea.  As with drinkable chai, there are many different types of chai, and this one can be "tweaked" in many different directions to come up with your own brand.  Recommended concentration 10%


The flavour of hibiscus tea, tart and lively.  Recommended concentration 1-2%

Green Tea

A quite realistic green tea.  Recommended concentration 5-15%


Fresh brewed coffee - this flavour contains natural coffee essence, which gives it its color.  Recommended concentration 3-5%

Earl Grey Tea

This flavour has a pronounced Bergamot (slightly floral citrus) note.  This is the flavour that makes Earl Grey Tea so distinctive, and this flavour is true to the Tea!  Recommended concentration 2-3%


An Italian favorite!  A strong coffee flavour with a hint of creaminess, a great blender with sweet/smooth flavours.  Recommended concentration 2%