Custom eJuice


Berry Mix

A fresh tasting blend of raspberry, blueberry, and other berry flavours!

Recommended concentration 10-15%

Peach (Juicy)

This is our new peach, which has a more "ripe" character than our original peach.  Recommended concentration 5-17%


This is a very tasty flavour.  It is a mellow fruity flavour with tropical accents.  Recommended concentration 5-12%

Orange (Sweet)

Natural Florida orange oil.  Recommended concentration 2-5%


Fresh and crisp apple - more sweet than tart.  Recommended concentration 10-15%


A light, refreshing apricot taste.  Recommended concentration 10-12%


This is a light, refreshing fruity blend - not too strong.  Recommended concentration 10-15%


This is a concentrated Pear flavour with a natural taste.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Passion Fruit

A really tasty passion fruit flavour!  Recommended concentration 12%

Lemon Lime

This is the flavour of a LemonLime cooler - refreshing and not too sweet.  Recommended concentration 5%

Orange Cream

This flavour evokes that summery classic, the creme-filled orange popsicle.  A sweet, creamy orange flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-10%

Grape Juice

This is like a grape juice drink, or perhaps a grape lollipop?  Recommended concentration 8-12%

Pomegranate Deluxe

This is a different take on pomegranate.  Recommended concentration 10-12%

Sea Buckthorn

Also known as "Siberian Pineapple" - much like pineapple flavour without sweetness.  Pairs well with apple and citrus flavours. Fresh, sour, crisp.  Recommended concentration 5-15%

Green Apple

This is a tart crisp apple flavour.  Recommended concentration 12-20%


A tropical fruit flavour that's very sweet and candylike, while also having notes of real pulpy fruit!  It's a bit like a certain Juicy style of gum, and also much like a mouthwatering fruity chew candy.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Apple Pie

A rich, all around great apple pie flavour.  Recommended concentation 15%

Strawberry (Ripe)

This is a bit different from our original strawberry, a bit more ripe tasting.  Recommended concentration 15%


Be forewarned!  This flavour is strong!  Recommended concentration 5%

Blueberry (Wild)

This one has a very fresh and bright true blueberry taste.  Recommended concentration 15%

Raspberry (Sweet)

This is a variation on our original raspberry flavour.  Recommended concentration 10%


A very refreshing sweet and tart flavour.  Recommended concentration 7.5-14%


Lemon flavour.  Recommended concentration 10%


Taro is a Hawaiian plant used to make Poi, and this is a gentle interpretation of that flavour.  Recommended concentration 8-10%

Pear Candy

This is a more candylike alternative to our standard Pear Flavour!  Recommended concentration 6-7%

Blueberry Candy

A strong blueberry that is candy-like, but not necessarily sweet.  Recommended concentration 13%

Bananas Foster

Banana ice cream with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg with notes of caramel and brown sugar.  Recommended concentration 5-7%

Key Lime

This is a fresh lime flavour, good either on its own, or combined with other flavours.  Recommended concentration 10%


This is a natural tasting cantaloupe of medium strength.  Recommended concentration 10-12%


Ripe fruit flavour - some say it's just like Dr. Pepper.  Recommended concentration 5-10%


This is a natural, bright cranberry flavour - not too tart and not too sweet.  Recommended concentration 5-8%

Ripe Banana

This is like a true ripe banana.  Recommended concentration 8%


This is a raspberry candy flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-10%

Orange Mandarin

Sweet tropical bliss bursting with freshly squeezed Mandarin orange notes.  Recommended concentration 12-15%


A great basic banana flavor.  Recommended concentration 8%


Natural lime peel flavour.  Recommended concentration 0.5-1%

Banana Cream

A smooth flavour with a fresh, natural banana taste.  Recommended concentration 5-15%


A sweet, tart fruity flavour with a musky, smoky, peppery touch.  Recommended concentration 10%

Strawberries and Cream

This is a very creamy type of strawberry.  Recommended concentration 10-12%

Apple Candy

A Jolly Rancher green apple type of flavour.  Recommeded concentration 15%

Phillipine Mango

This is a different take on our Mango flavour.  Recommended concentration 12%

Watermelon Candy

This is a sweeter candy-like watermelon flavour.  Recommended concentration 10-15%


A fresh blackberry flavour.  Recommended concentration 2-15%

Dill Pickle

This is a surprisingly refreshing flavour, please do not judge it by smell alone!  Recommended concentration 7-9%

Black Cherry

A very realistic, fresh cherry flavour, true to the actual berry rather than a candylike or maraschino flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-15%

Honeydew II

A different take on our honeydew flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-10%


A beautiful tropical flavour.  Recommended concentration 7%

Kiwi (Double)

A realistic Kiwi flavour, now sold in an extra-strong variety.  Recommended concentration 5%


This treat from Southeast Asia has a juicy sweet flavour with distinct floral notes.  An exotic crowd-pleaser.  Recommended concentration 2-7%


This is a fresh, natural strawberry flavour.  Recommended concentration 3-15%


An all-natural flavour - crisp clean watermelon.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Hawaiian Drink

A very nice tropical fruit flavour.  Recommended concentration 12%


A very true tasting honeydew melon flavour, cool and sweet.  Recommended concentration 5-10%

Coconut Candy

A delicious sweet coconut flavour, just like the shredded coconut found in tasty candy bars.   Recommended concentration 5-10%


A realistic fresh cucumber flavour, crisp and subtle.  Recommended concentration 4%


Fresh, natural tasting mango.  Recommended concentration 10-15%


Raisin is a great flavour for blending, very versatile.  Recommended concentration 0.5-3%

Maraschino Cherry

A very strong, true maraschino taste.  Recommended concentration 5%

Grape Candy

A candylike grape flavour.  Recommended concentration 8-10%

Cherry Extract

A rich cherry flavour, like a sweet hard cherry candy.  Good for adding a bright cherry note to all sorts of applications!  Recommended concentration 10-12%


A tart and distinguished flavour, reminiscent of pear and apple.  Recommended concentration 10%

Pineapple Juice

A bright pineapple juice flavour.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Blueberry (Extra)

This is sweet and fruity.  Recommended concentration 10-13%


A cross between juicy blackberry and sweet raspberry notes with dark chocolate impact.  Recommended concentration 5-7%

Banana Nut Bread

This is a delicious banana nut flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-12%


A very natural pineapple flavour - not like canned pineapple.  Recommended concentration 8%

Black Currant

Black Currant Flavour has a Grape-like character, but with a dry, dark, and mature edge.  Recommended Concentration 15%