This is a very true cola syrup taste - reminiscent of RC cola and old-fashioned Soda Fountains.  Recommended concentration 8-10%

Horchata Smooth

This is a smoother version of our Horchata flavour, with less cinnamon.  Recommended concentration 5%

Cream Soda

A delicious cream soda flavour!  Recommended concentration 10-12%

Pina Colada

This is a mixture of pineapple and coconut.  Recommended concentration 15%


Bright and bubbly!  This is a good mixer, not a strong flavour on its own but try combining with citrus flavours.  Recommended concentration 5-7%

Dark Rum

Our newest rum might be the black sheep of the family.  Sweet, spicy and with deep dark caramel notes, Dark Rum flavour will have you joining the dark side. Great by itself or with a mixer.

  Recommended concentration 12%

Kentucky Bourbon

A very realistic bourbon flavour.  Recommended concentration 10%


This product is simply Star Anise Essential Oil, and is reminiscent of the taste of the original "Green Fairy" liqueur of Paris long ago.  Of course, it has no "active" ingredients, this is just a flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-7%

Cola Syrup

This is a bit sweeter than our original, and perhaps a little stronger.  Recommended concentration 10%

Dr. Pop

A delicious soda flavour!  A distinctive, familiar blend of flavors that makes a great alternative to cola.  Recommended concentration 8%

Energy Drink

This flavour is very similar to the Red Bull Energy drink, but of course it is not the exact formula.  Recommended concentration 10%

Citrus Punch

A crisp citrus punch very much like the soda drink flavour Mountain Dew.  Recommended concentration 10%

Jamaican Rum

Rich and spicy.
  Recommended concentration 12%

Ginger Ale

A refreshing ginger soda flavour.  Recommended concentration 10%


Similar to our kentucky bourbon flavour but with its own kick!  Recommended concentration 10%


This flavour is very similar to the flavour of the Hpnotiq Liqueur.  It is a citrus/grapefruit flavour with a hint of tropical juice.  Recommended concentration 5-10%

Mojito Havana

A refreshing cocktail flavor known for its sweet and sour ingredients. Born in Havana, Cuba.  Recommended concentration 5%

Root Beer

Root beer flavour.  Recommended concentration 11%

Cola (Cherry)

This is a cherry cola flavor in the style of Dr. Pepper.  Recommended concentration 10%

Custom eJuice



Horchata is a very popular drink in Central and South America.  There are many different varieties, but the flavour we are offering is the type of Horchata popular in the U.S and Mexico.  It is the flavour of rice milk with vanilla and cinnamon.  Recommended concentration 5%

Root Beer Float

This is a traditional root beer float flavour.  Recommended concentration 8%


A refreshing cocktail flavour with lime and mint.  Recommended concentration 5%

Kalua and Cream

Very reminiscent of the popular drink.  Recommended concentration 5%


A creamy spiced liquor flavor!  Recommended concentration 10%

Mexican Liqueur

Smooth and robust Colombian coffee roasted with a touch of sweet, creamy chocolate.  Recommended concentration 5%