Very sweet honey - if you are looking for just plain sweet, check out our Sweetener below.  Recommended concentration 1-5%

Cinnamon Red Hot

This is more like the candy than true cinnamon.  Note: Although rare, some individuals may be allergic to Cinnamon, please do not use this flavour if you are allergic to cinnamon.  Recommended concentration 5-10%

Violet Candy

This is the flavour of the little violet "pastilles" that are very popular in France.  Recommended concentration 10-12%

Caramel (Original)

This is our original caramel, back by popular request.  More rich than candylike, with a toasty, maple, brown sugar flavour.  
Recommended concentration 10-15%

Swedish Gummy

A candy flavour that is reminiscent of a swedish fish type of candy.  Recommended concentration 7%

Custom eJuice


Graham Cracker

This graham cracker flavour provides a very lovely "base" to work with.  It is not a very concentrated flavour, but has a lasting effect.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Cotton Candy (Circus)

This is similar to "Blue" Cotton Candy.  This is not a "strong" flavour.  Recommended concentration 15%

Maple Syrup

A sweet maple syrup flavour - good for blending with other flavours.  Recommended concentration 10%


More rich than candylike, with a toasty, maple, brown sugar flavour.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Slim Mint Cookie

A chocolate cookie with a minty crunch.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Sweet and Tart

This is a strong flavour that was designed to taste exactly like the candy.  Recommended concentration 10%

Brown Sugar

A strong brown sugar flavour.  Recommended concentration 15-20%

Rainbow Sherbet

Tastes just like rainbow sherbet!  Recommended concentration 4%

Kettle Corn

It tastes just like the Kettle Corn at the circus.  This is not a really super-strong flavour, but it is very nice!  Recommended concentration 13-15%

Cotton Candy

Made from Ethyl Maltol.  It is not a strong flavour.  It is used as a mild sweetener and smoother for harsh flavours.  Our Sweetener is sweeter than the Cotton Candy.  Recommended concentration 10%

Bubblegum (Juicy Style)

A tasty Juicyfruit type of flavour, and we think this one is just right!  Recommended concentration 10-13%


A very nice rich and creamy butterscotch flavour, great on it's own, but try blending with sweet ingredients for an old fashioned candy appeal.

 Recommended concentration 12%


Use this one to sweeten other flavours.  Recommended concentration 0.5-2%

Rainbow Drops

A fruit candy flavour similar to a Skittles type of candy.  Recommended concentration 10%

Cinnamon Danish

This is a very nice baked cinnamon-bun flavour.  Recommended concentration 8%


A light, sweet marshmallow - good for blending with other flavours.  
Recommended concentration 10-15%

Oatmeal Cookie

A tasty oatmeal cookie flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-15%


A very nice bubblegum flavour.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Frosted Donut

A tasty donut flavour.  Recommended concentration 7%


A nice meringue flavour - great for blending.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Whipped Cream

A light cream, not strong but a good blender.  Recommended concentration 14%

Gummy Candy

A Gummi-bears type of flavour, very true to the real thing.  Recommended concentration 7%

Red Licorice

A very true "vines" type of licorice candy flavour.  Recommended concentration 15%

Lemonade Cookie

A delicious sweet tart treat!  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Sweet Cream

A light cream, very useful for blending with other ingredients.  This is called sweet cream, but it is not really that sweet, but can lend an all-around milky character to other ingredients.  
Recommended concentration 5-10%

Musk Candy

This is a rather unique flavour, based on the Musk Lifesaver candy.  It is a strong, heady, perfume-type flavour.  Recommended concentration 0.5-3%

Pralines and Cream

The perfect combination of sweet caramel notes surrounded by a buttery nut crunch.  Recommended concentration 10%

Cheesecake (Graham Cracker Crust)

This cheesecake has more of a pronounced graham cracker note.  Recommended concentration 6%