Turkish Tobacco

Also referred to as 'Oriental Tobacco' it is highly aromatic and lightly acidic.  Recommended concentration 2%

RY4 Double Tobacco

This is a stronger and more caramel type flavour than our original RY4.  Some customers detect a very slight fruity note to this flavour.  Recommended concentration 5-15%

Black Honey Tobacco

This captures the sweet, complex flavour of the finest pipe tobacco blends.  Fans of Captain Black need look no further.  Recommended concentration 3-5%

RY4 Tobacco

This is a caramel tobacco blend with a slight floral note.  Recommended concentration 10-15%

Bitter Nut Extra

A toasty, smokey, nutty flavor! This is the same flavour as M Type, but without the ingredient Tabanon.  Recommended concentration 0.5-1%

Red Type II Tobacco

This is similar to our original Red flavour but with a slightly different nuance.  Recommended concentration 10%

Mild Black

This is a sweet pipe tobacco flavour.  Recommended concentration 2.5%

DK Tobacco

This is a very handy base that many people compare to 555.  Recommended concentration 2-5%

Western Blend Tobacco

This is a really wonderfull all-around tobacco blend.  Recommended concentration 5%

Custom eJuice


Cuban Cigar

This is a strong Tobacco Cigar flavour with heavy characteristics of spice, woody, leather.  Slightly sweet and dry.  Recommended concentration 0.5-2%


This tobacco flavour is more like a cigarette.  It is a blend of natural ingredients, and it is a good starting base for use either as is, or with the addition of other flavours.  It has a rose-type floral note.  Recommended concentration 2-3%

Red Type Tobacco

This is designed to provide a cigarette-like taste.  Recommended concentration 5-15%